[LifeSelector.com] Alexis Crystal – Quest for Truth (2022)

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[LifeSelector.com] Alexis Crystal – Quest for Truth (2022)

[LifeSelector.com] Alexis Crystal – Quest for Truth (2022)

It’s been a few months since the last time you stepped in your parents’ house. They have died in a horrible car crash, and your step-mom left you a frightening voice message when it happened. You didn’t tell your step-sister Alexis about this because she had too much on her plate already. She took care of things, so their house didn’t actually get abandoned, etc. Alexis left you several texts and voice messages, but until today you weren’t ready to contact her. It’s time to tell her about the voice message your step-mom left you. Maybe together you can uncover the truth about what exactly happened to them.

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