Driven by Lust / Von Lust Getrieben (Videorama) [2006, DVDRip]

Duration: 01:29:57 Audio: German Visits: 13
Driven by Lust / Von Lust Getrieben (Videorama) [2006, DVDRip]

Driven by Lust / Von Lust Getrieben (Videorama) [2006, DVDRip]

When Vivian and her companion become lost on an unfamiliar stretch of the road, they chance upon a secluded estate tucked away in the nearby woods. Before they begin to look around, they find a deserted barn in which they pop in for a quickie. Nothing fancy, just a quick roll on the floor to shed some pent-up frustration because they failed to make the proper turn on the highway and now find themselves with a little time to kill. After their anal romp, they go searching around the grounds of the estate and peep into a window to find a couple, oblivious to their presence, in the throes of carnal passion, anal passion. The remainder of the film depicts Vivian and her friend’s discovery of what really goes on at this secluded, out-of-the-way HOT property. Get ready to be as captivated as Vivian!


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