[BrazzersExxtra.com / Brazzers.com] Lulu Chu, Kayley Gunner – Wedding Smashers Part 3 [2021.06.11 / 720p]

Duration: 00:33:02 Release date: 2021 г. Visits: 65
[BrazzersExxtra.com / Brazzers.com] Lulu Chu, Kayley Gunner – Wedding Smashers Part 3 [2021.06.11 / 720p]

[BrazzersExxtra.com / Brazzers.com] Lulu Chu, Kayley Gunner – Wedding Smashers Part 3 [2021.06.11 / 720p]

Имя актрисы: Lulu Chu & Kayley Gunner
Название ролика: Wedding Smashers Part 3
Cайт: BrazzersExxtra.com / Brazzers.com

Description: After Lulu Chu has finished fucking Xander Corvus’s bride she makes her way to visit him in the groom’s room. She’s caught him on camera cheating and can’t wait to boast about her photographs. When she sees Xander’s big cock her plans change. She wants a taste of that dick. Maid of honor Kayley Gunner breaks up their party and puts Lulu in her place. Doesn’t take long for Lulu to get back to her slutty tricks behind a changing screen with the bride almost in view. Kayley gets wise to their fuckery and wants to join. A photo fiasco causes the bride to freak out and Kayley ushers her away so she can get Xander and Lulu all to herself for a final fucks threesome.

Год производства: 2021 г.
Жанр: All Sex, Muscular, American, Brown Hair, Short, Big Dick, Glasses, Dress, Socks, Small Ass, Piercing, Tattoo, Petite, Asian, Brunette, Trimmed Pussy, Outie Pussy, Small Tits, Natural Tits, Medium Ass, Caucasian, Blonde, High Heels, Bald Pussy, Innie Pussy, Big Tits, Enhanced, FFM, Sex, Threesome, Facial, Sneaky, Blowjob, Blowjob – Double, Blowjob – POV, Deep Throat, Face Fuck, Face Sitting, Pussy Licking, Spanking, Bedroom, Indoors, 25-34, Big Tits Worship, cheating, Couples Fantasies, Interracial, 69, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Doggystyle – Lying, Doggystyle – Standing, Fuck n Lick, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Scissoring, Side Fuck, 3 Part Series,
Продолжительность: 00:33:02

Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1280×720 (16:9), 23.976 fps, 1 921 kb/s
Аудио: AAC, 48.0 kHz, 2 ch, 121 kb/s



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Categories: , 25–34, 3-Part-Series, 69, All-Sex, American, Asian, Bald-Pussy, Bedroom, Big-Dick, Big-Tits, Big-Tits-Worship, Blonde, Blowjob, Blowjob---POV, Blowjob-Double, Brown-Hair, Brunette, Caucasian, cheating, Couples-Fantasies, Cowgirl, Deepthroat, Doggystyle, Doggystyle---Lying, Doggystyle---Standing, Dress, Enhanced, Face-Fuck, FaceSitting, Facial, ffm, Fuck-n-Lick, Glasses, High-Heels, Indoors, Innie-Pussy, Interracial, Medium-Ass, Missionary, Muscular, Natural-tits, Outie-Pussy, Petite, Piercing, Pussy-Licking, Reverse-Cowgirl, scissoring, Sex, Short, Side-Fuck, Small-Ass, Small-Tits, Sneaky, Socks, Spanking, Tattoo, Threesome, Trimmed-Pussy

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