102 Sex Positionen (Musketier Media) [2010, DVDRip]

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102 Sex Positionen (Musketier Media) [2010, DVDRip]

102 Sex Positionen (Musketier Media) [2010, DVDRip]

More experienced trainers will tirelessly teach you how to handle your combat weapons! Now you can find the entrance even with a blindfold, take a variety of poses and finally reach the mysterious point G. Your girlfriend will be completely delighted, and in the morning you will be served coffee in bed, and after work she will be greeted by you warm and cozy apartment with the aroma of freshly boiled borscht. She will blossom and shine like a diamond, delighting you every day with new erotic lingerie, which she, of course, will buy for your money, but this is all for you! 102 positions are not just sex positions, this is a choice of life position! Add a little variety to your gray life and you will see that you do not want to go back. Have sex and be happy!


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